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  1. hello to AI
  2. Why I developed the Sole sub-chassis.
  3. Custom Thorens TD150 Sole
  4. Rega counterweight
  5. Forthcoming Sole sub-chassis review
  6. Great review of the Sole over on the pfm forum
  7. Sole experiment
  8. Sole Mk V
  9. AI Rega Counterweight
  10. AI Linn LP12 arm-boards
  11. AI arm-board prototype Rega cut in the raw
  12. LP12 main bearing discussion
  13. Music files
  14. Screwing the Bearing
  15. Has Dr Feickert "borrowed" our concept?
  16. Derek Jenkins rates "Sole" sub-chassis
  17. Fantastic news! J7 has agreed to Ai becoming a dealer for his PU7 in South Wales !!!
  18. Yet another batch of 15 Soles ready for your orders !
  19. Audiomods arm on Linn with Sole chassis
  20. Prototype Sole Mk VI
  21. Analogue innovation LP12 arm-boards back in business!
  22. 1st production arm-board ready for new owner
  23. Sole sub-chassis milestone - not far away.
  24. Sole Mk VI prices
  25. Orders now being taken for MK VI Sole and arm-boards
  26. and yet another Sole mk VI sold
  27. Steve1000's Sole mkVI
  28. And yet another Mk VI just sold
  29. And here's the latest installation.
  30. Plattamat - any thoughts?
  31. Another very happy customer!
  32. Sole in HI FI World.
  33. Sole in Hi- Fi Choice
  34. Plattamat 2 - now in black!
  35. Plattamat 1 - Feedback
  36. Experimental turntable
  37. Sole VII almost ready for listening tests
  38. Sole VII into production!
  39. Won't be long now ! 10 Sole VII's ready for powder coating.
  40. Sole VII available now @ 650.
  41. Pre-cirkus bearing magic
  42. bearing restoration
  43. AI top plate ?
  44. Another very happy Ai customer!
  45. Merry Christmas an a happy, peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year.
  46. My Report on the Plattamat Effect
  47. Badge of honour? Banned from Linn forums!!
  48. Sub - chassis isolation bobbins
  49. Sole VIII the ultimate Sole?
  50. Sole V11
  51. What's happening at Anologue Innovation ?
  52. Sole VII to be discontinued and price increase to Sole VIII
  53. A man with a plan