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  1. I've got ramblin' on my mind

    I make no apology for saying musically and creatively Eric Clapton is the most important person in my lifetime. Sure Hendrix was a more flamboyant player, there are possibly thousands more technically capable players, he's not a great songwriter like a Holly although Layla stands up well against anything in my opinion, and whilst his recorded work with Cream and Doms and Bluesbreakers was of the highest order he's never recorded a critically acclaimed album like a Revolver or Zep II and certainly ...
  2. where am i?

  3. My Top 10 for this week just gone

    Old Folks Boogie - Little Feat
    Madame Geneva- Mark Knopfler
    Songs of Yesterday - Free
    Can't Find My Way Home - Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton
    Speedboat - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
    Chan Chan - BV Social Club
    Turn This Car Round - Tom Petty
    Equinox - John Coltrane
    Bird On A Wire - Jennifer Warnes
    Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
  4. the EL84-EM84-300B Interstage-Coupled Amplifier Adventure

    Well, it seems like an age since I got started on this, and finally a set of Transformers arrived today, to join the forlorn pile of valve bases, a rusty variac and a decrepit old oscilloscope. In terms of mass/weight I now have around 90% of the amplifier parts. However I need to order all the capacitors and resistors to go with it.

    The plan is to build one channel only to get things working, and build it on a pine board before working out the best layout and where to source ...

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  5. I win a prize

    Because i'm the first blogger la-la-la-la
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