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  • Welcome to The Crossover Network

    1. General

    The Crossover Network is a forum dedicated primarily to Music and High Fidelity Music Reproduction.

    The site is intended to provide members with a place to discuss Music, Hifi and other related ...
    by Published on 26th May 2010 01:12
    1. General

    So here it is... the new look software.

    I know it will take a while to get used to, but get used to it you will.

    I'll update this with more relevant information soon, I'm still ...

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    Looks like its mostly going to be sorted this week (haven't we heard this before). To be fair to Michell they have emailed me to say that when I get

    Zygote23 Yesterday 15:43 Go to last post

    ha ha no worries dave,
    yes im looking forward to hearing it,its cleared customs and ive paid the 91.4 charge !
    im hoping for tuesday.

    karma67 Yesterday 10:43 Go to last post

    Umm. Much to the annoyance of a dealer pal of mine, at one time Michell would occasionally sell direct... Not sure if they still do in these uncertain

    DSJR Yesterday 10:11 Go to last post

    They went back to the dodgy seller. I asked B&W and their reply was to the effect of, we don't carry spares for products more than ten years old and

    TIU 9th December 2017 20:02 Go to last post

    Treat the Tarantella like a Rega and position it carefully. We had troubles with new ones sadly, but a good working one was really good I remember.

    DSJR 9th December 2017 19:50 Go to last post

    I'm not stalking, honest

    I really hope you enjoy this arm. It'll be interesting to see how you find it compared to the usual one

    DSJR 9th December 2017 19:47 Go to last post

    Been away a while, but here goes...

    B&W may well have some spares for these still, but they seem to want an arm and leg for them

    DSJR 9th December 2017 19:44 Go to last post

    Sure, really enjoying them.

    TIU 8th December 2017 22:38 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Glad you got it back, the bad taste will diminish the more you listen to Tannoys.

    The Professor 8th December 2017 21:36 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Oh nice arm, well done, try running it without trough, it should be great with the decca, fireworks, sit down and hold on

    The Professor 8th December 2017 21:19 Go to last post
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    Power (and the glory) supplies

    Thread Starter: qube

    So one of my active monitors died; switch model PSU was poorly, took a while to locate all the poorly components but despite that I was unable to get

    8th December 2017 17:42 by qube Go to last post

    zeta on its way

    Thread Starter: karma67

    i've bought a zeta from the states,it should be here next week,i love the look of these tonearms and should be a better match for my decca c4e than the

    Yesterday 10:43 by karma67 Go to last post

    Canon Oxus 130 picked up today

    Thread Starter: jazzbass

    So yes I shoul get a phone with camera but I picked up this camera from a collegue to day 17 with a new 8 gig card, it seems to take nice basic pictures

    5th December 2017 00:49 by jazzbass Go to last post
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