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  • Welcome to The Crossover Network

    1. General

    The Crossover Network is a forum dedicated primarily to Music and High Fidelity Music Reproduction.

    The site is intended to provide members with a place to discuss Music, Hifi and other related ...
    by Published on 26th May 2010 01:12
    1. General

    So here it is... the new look software.

    I know it will take a while to get used to, but get used to it you will.

    I'll update this with more relevant information soon, I'm still ...

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    No Steve, I haven't swapped over the cables. I just swapped the drivers over and the right hand speaker is still distorting, not the left, so the fault

    TIU Today 00:05 Go to last post

    have you switched the speaker cables?just to check it isn't something higher up the chain causing the problem?

    steve195527 Yesterday 23:56 Go to last post

    Been on the blower to Henry, as helpful as ever. I'm going to drop the crossover out and see if there's anything obviously amiss. This model has the dimpled

    TIU Yesterday 21:50 Go to last post
    The Professor

    I meant perhaps one of the B&W's is vibrating moe because of where it is, regardless of he previous ones, unless it's only started doing it? I'm clutching

    The Professor Yesterday 21:05 Go to last post

    No it's not that Paul. I have the speakers in the same position - just swapped the Yammies for these B&Ws.

    TIU Yesterday 20:57 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Never came accross that, i’d be thinking faulty cab though, wouldn’t cross my mind being a driver xover fault, although thats just a hunch,

    The Professor Yesterday 20:42 Go to last post

    If a speaker cabinet makes vibrating noises while the other one doesn't (at a moderate volume), is that a blown bass/mid driver or a fault with the crossover?

    TIU Yesterday 20:19 Go to last post

    It was the ramstat out of alignment with the antidigitator! Thankfully I've found a circuit diagram for it so should be able to figure it out

    qube 17th November 2017 12:40 Go to last post

    That'll be the doodah connected to the thingymebob.

    TIU 16th November 2017 18:20 Go to last post

    Thanks, if only I could get to the bottom of a switch-mode PSU fault on my Alesis speakers I'll be happy.

    qube 16th November 2017 14:24 Go to last post
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    cat's squirrel

    heavyweight LP

    Thread Starter: cat's squirrel

    I have just 'raided' a local charidy shop, and came away with 20 records for under 20! One was a 7incher, Barbirolli and Halle playing Vaughan Williams

    16th November 2017 00:48 by cat's squirrel Go to last post
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