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  • Welcome to The Crossover Network

    1. General

    The Crossover Network is a forum dedicated primarily to Music and High Fidelity Music Reproduction.

    The site is intended to provide members with a place to discuss Music, Hifi and other related ...
    by Published on 26th May 2010 00:12
    1. General

    So here it is... the new look software.

    I know it will take a while to get used to, but get used to it you will.

    I'll update this with more relevant information soon, I'm still ...

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    When I had a 5.1 system, the settings confused the hell out of me. Maybe ask in an AV forum?

    TIU Yesterday 00:12 Go to last post
    cat's squirrel

    OK, still got squeaky adverts, and poor sound, especially on Sky Sports (no surprise there, then!).

    Changed Dolby to PCM in 'settings',

    cat's squirrel 22nd September 2017 22:38 Go to last post

    Ah, thanks for that. My mac does play them. CD trays usually have a recess for the smaller discs but this mac one doesn't - there's a space at the centre.

    TIU 22nd September 2017 16:34 Go to last post

    They usually do.

    My superdrive on my Mac plays them.

    the headunit in my Mondeo plays them also.

    qube 22nd September 2017 16:18 Go to last post

    It looks like the drawer in my mac pro wont accept them. Dont want to try one in case it gets stuck.

    TIU 22nd September 2017 15:53 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Most dont, I wouldnt in case it gets stuck, copy CD and burn a cdr, use that in car.

    The Professor 22nd September 2017 15:46 Go to last post

    Anyone know if car CD players with a slot accept 3-inch CDs?

    TIU 22nd September 2017 15:33 Go to last post

    Digital squidital.

    TIU 22nd September 2017 15:16 Go to last post
    cat's squirrel

    I have just received my Dolby box. After a little fiddling, it seems to be working. First listen was very confusing, dialogue from the TV, and background

    cat's squirrel 22nd September 2017 14:22 Go to last post

    An excellent opportunity to bag a pair of the superb Monitor Audio PL200 MKII floor-standing speakers for a bargain price.

    This pair of

    Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 MKII (Santos Rosewood)

    Audio-philia 21st September 2017 18:50 Go to last post