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  • Welcome

    So here it is... the new look software.

    I know it will take a while to get used to, but get used to it you will.

    I'll update this with more relevant information soon, I'm still starting to breathe again after the upgrade.

    Kenny/Cartridgemangler (Admin)
    Comments 8 Comments
    1. KB1's Avatar
      Cool Kenny. Looks very posh. You just know im going to make loads of lash ups dont you. Grab yourself a beer or 2, think you may deserve it mate
    1. Ems's Avatar
      Sorry just wanted on the front cover.
    1. per-Sony-fied's Avatar
      So far looks great...

      As it's no use being 2nd best it'll all soon be 2nd page news
    1. rhmbus's Avatar
      looks good to me well done and thanks
    1. Paramaribo's Avatar
      Which way to the bar? Still got to find my way through the new interior.
    1. The Professor's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Paramaribo View Post
      Which way to the bar? Still got to find my way through the new interior.
      pretty much the same as it was, just less button like.
    1. uncl_nigel's Avatar
      Nice choice of colour schemes - I can actually find one I can read.
      Where is the function to increase font size? Rther useful for us with the poor sight.
    1. KB1's Avatar
      Click go advanced when you reply, tis in there. Could be elsewhere too but thats where i found it.
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    It was the ramstat out of alignment with the antidigitator! Thankfully I've found a circuit diagram for it so should be able to figure it out

    qube Yesterday 12:40 Go to last post

    That'll be the doodah connected to the thingymebob.

    TIU 16th November 2017 18:20 Go to last post

    Thanks, if only I could get to the bottom of a switch-mode PSU fault on my Alesis speakers I'll be happy.

    qube 16th November 2017 14:24 Go to last post

    NICE !!!

    j7 16th November 2017 09:28 Go to last post

    nice job qube !!

    j7 16th November 2017 09:26 Go to last post

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. Great job qubey.

    TIU 16th November 2017 01:39 Go to last post
    cat's squirrel

    according to Discogs:

    "Label used on acetate records for test pressings, which were manufactured by E.M.I. Tape Limited Hayes

    cat's squirrel 16th November 2017 00:48 Go to last post

    Curiously the plinth says 1987 on it, he bought it in 1989

    I remember when it arrived it wasn't the colour he'd ordered so

    qube 15th November 2017 23:53 Go to last post

    The deck in question after it's all been cleaned and serviced, looks great now, that's his Christmas present sorted, spent far too much money again.

    qube 15th November 2017 23:50 Go to last post

    used the old motor from my Dad's deck to set up this repaired Hercules 2.

    I may have over done it with the new LED

    I had

    qube 15th November 2017 23:40 Go to last post
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    cat's squirrel

    heavyweight LP

    Thread Starter: cat's squirrel

    I have just 'raided' a local charidy shop, and came away with 20 records for under 20! One was a 7incher, Barbirolli and Halle playing Vaughan Williams

    16th November 2017 00:48 by cat's squirrel Go to last post
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