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  • Welcome

    So here it is... the new look software.

    I know it will take a while to get used to, but get used to it you will.

    I'll update this with more relevant information soon, I'm still starting to breathe again after the upgrade.

    Kenny/Cartridgemangler (Admin)
    Comments 8 Comments
    1. KB1's Avatar
      Cool Kenny. Looks very posh. You just know im going to make loads of lash ups dont you. Grab yourself a beer or 2, think you may deserve it mate
    1. Ems's Avatar
      Sorry just wanted on the front cover.
    1. per-Sony-fied's Avatar
      So far looks great...

      As it's no use being 2nd best it'll all soon be 2nd page news
    1. rhmbus's Avatar
      looks good to me well done and thanks
    1. Paramaribo's Avatar
      Which way to the bar? Still got to find my way through the new interior.
    1. The Professor's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Paramaribo View Post
      Which way to the bar? Still got to find my way through the new interior.
      pretty much the same as it was, just less button like.
    1. uncl_nigel's Avatar
      Nice choice of colour schemes - I can actually find one I can read.
      Where is the function to increase font size? Rther useful for us with the poor sight.
    1. KB1's Avatar
      Click go advanced when you reply, tis in there. Could be elsewhere too but thats where i found it.
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    Good luck!

    rkay5 Today 08:33 Go to last post

    I've got the circuit diagram and the parts list - the board is just too fragile, and cheaply made. I've replaced the caps and High power resistors and

    cartridgemangler Yesterday 23:16 Go to last post

    Just watching a reasonable pair of speakers and have come across an ebay bug bear of mine - the seller wants to pass on his ebay seller fee to the buyer

    TIU Yesterday 22:00 Go to last post

    Speak to John at Audio Innovations...he can and has performed a miracle on my AR.

    Post a picture of the PSU, both sides...most electonics

    mesavinylnut Yesterday 19:37 Go to last post

    That's an excellent deal. Wish I had the cash.

    TIU Yesterday 18:15 Go to last post

    Win 2 Tickets to see The Robert Cray Band on Monday 1st May at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh!

    Click for more info on this Audio-philia/Hifi

    WIN tickets to Robert Cray @ Queens Hall Edinburgh - Competition closes 12pm Friday

    Audio-philia Yesterday 14:43 Go to last post

    I have plenty to get on with Gordon. I see late evening spells on the interweb a break from 'normal' work. Can be entertaining too.

    The speakers

    TIU Yesterday 13:31 Go to last post

    You really need to find something else to occupy your time.......

    Does the voice-coil just 'stick' and you free it by

    WullieD20 Yesterday 13:20 Go to last post

    Damn they're fugly!

    ESK Yesterday 08:11 Go to last post

    If you occasionally have to press in a bass/mid driver to get it working normally, what would that fault be? With the driver itself or somewhere else?

    TIU 25th April 2017 23:52 Go to last post