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    by Published on 26th May 2010 02:05
    1. Music

    Week 1

    Well, I'm jumping back in with another list, and this could be the best I've found since the '50 Most Influential' that I started about 5 years ago and faithfully posted about each ...

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    My vibe is that TeeDee as a band and Edgar's muse were on the way out long before Thorsten and Ulrich got involved. Ulrich's done some fantastic work

    DSJR Today 19:18 Go to last post

    'the virtual theatre version of the same music.' Re TD, what did they do with it for the re-release?

    TIU Today 18:33 Go to last post

    Tangerine Dream Sorcerer 2014 2CD. I've always loved this OST and thought I'd give the rework a punt even though I think TD had become

    Zygote23 Today 18:23 Go to last post

    Cheers Paul..... NOW SOLD.

    WullieD20 Today 16:36 Go to last post
    The Professor

    A fair market price would be 50-60% of new price, he's your mate though, you can work it out from there.

    The Professor Today 15:58 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Assuming it's the silver finish G I'll have it please.

    The Professor Today 15:56 Go to last post

    Acoustic Energy Aego M speaker set in perfect condition. (still in original carton and packaging).
    Complete with associated cables for supply and

    Acoustic energy Aego M speaker system (sub woofer and two satellite speakers)

    WullieD20 Today 14:27 Go to last post

    LOL they did offer me 300 worth of mains conditioner and power lead initially but I tend not to do foo Their website lists many things but in reality

    Zygote23 Today 13:07 Go to last post

    If I were you I would certainly use the voucher, and having just looked on their site, headphones, mains products or a 2nd cartridge could be purchased.

    jy3 Today 12:15 Go to last post

    Absolutely forbidden here as school policy!

    The note is just a typed letter addressed to me. I'll send a workmate who lives near the shop

    Zygote23 Yesterday 12:45 Go to last post