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    by Published on 26th May 2010 01:05
    1. Music

    Week 1

    Well, I'm jumping back in with another list, and this could be the best I've found since the '50 Most Influential' that I started about 5 years ago and faithfully posted about each ...

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    Uzzy's post reminded me I promised to write my impressions.

    So the first day was very unlucky. I listened to a couple of songs in my old

    ahabec Today 16:14 Go to last post

    Add stick on lead strips to add mass to the turntable subplatter and platter to see if it improves the sound - it is not expensive to buy and comes in

    uzzy Today 15:15 Go to last post

    I am surprised you found the Oracle to be better - the rubber mat on the Oracle sucked the life out of the record and when replaced by felt or even better

    uzzy Today 15:11 Go to last post

    I didn't say they weren't but if you were blindfolded and had to compare to say a Thorens TD160 odds are you would prefer the Thorens but with the Garrard

    uzzy Today 14:58 Go to last post

    They have been recognised as good decks - robust, reliable and good to work on. I love my idler drive. All tt systems have their flaws.

    TIU Today 13:58 Go to last post

    This thread could go on forever -
    You will hear loads of bollox e.g. there are some that say they cannot live with an AC motor (does make me giggle).

    uzzy Today 13:49 Go to last post

    I have always been a firm believer in having too much rather than too little power. I have a kind of mental block that if it will not kick out 100watts

    uzzy Today 13:29 Go to last post

    I did compare the two and the Expert was better. However, as they say no two Deccas are the same so the differences could have been that of the cartdidge

    uzzy Today 13:17 Go to last post

    04:42 Steve?

    TIU Today 10:01 Go to last post
    Cable Monkey

    And of course Alphason arms. There were three or four in the range.

    Cable Monkey Today 05:37 Go to last post
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    SME V

    Now we starts with this brands for trade.

    Thread Starter: SME V

    Tangerine Audio Woodsong Audio Vinyl Passion Tiger Paw Mober SME Moerch Dynavector Audio

    22nd May 2017 07:33 by SME V Go to last post

    Alphason Sonata

    Thread Starter: Hooch500

    I wonder if anyone could help me regarding a Sonata I picked up a few years ago, sans arm. What is the arrangement regarding arm mounting. I have attached

    21st May 2017 16:14 by Cable Monkey Go to last post
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