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    by Published on 26th May 2010 02:05
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    Week 1

    Well, I'm jumping back in with another list, and this could be the best I've found since the '50 Most Influential' that I started about 5 years ago and faithfully posted about each ...

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    This seller hasn't responded so is going to make me wait over a week until ebay steps in. Then she will complain and moan. Why are people so spiteful

    TIU Today 14:57 Go to last post

    No the tube is there and secure. I emailed b&w and their reply tells me how to test for blown drivers. I told them the drivers aren't the cause.

    TIU Yesterday 21:17 Go to last post

    give b&w bell and see if its a common issue with an easy fix,might be worth cost of a phone call
    just found this,it mentions a tapered tube

    steve195527 Yesterday 20:53 Go to last post

    I agree with everything you have said(well written) but IN THEORY a amp designed correctly should IN THEORY be unaffected by the load(reactive or not)

    steve195527 Yesterday 20:40 Go to last post
    cat's squirrel

    can't agree, Steve. Some kinds of amplifiers have problems, as do some kind of loudspeakers. I'm thinking along the lines of valve amplifiers having problems

    cat's squirrel Yesterday 18:32 Go to last post

    There is a damaged bottom corner. I glued a lifted piece of veneer back into place. Apart from that, no obvious signs of damage. The baffle looks fine

    TIU Yesterday 17:07 Go to last post
    eddie spaghetti

    Sounds like it was dropped. Hope you get it sorted Gary.

    eddie spaghetti Yesterday 16:44 Go to last post

    The seller has gone quiet. I expected her to I guess. She was happy to list something as fully working and get full money for it.

    TIU Yesterday 16:11 Go to last post

    I can't see how the get the baffle off without damaging it or the cabinet. I'm just going to return them for a refund.

    TIU 19th November 2017 19:34 Go to last post
    eddie spaghetti

    That might be the cause. Looks like there wasn't enough glue on it or it has dried up. Should be an easy fix. Were the mounting bolts for the tweeter

    eddie spaghetti 19th November 2017 19:27 Go to last post
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    ProAc Studio 100, natural Oak

    Thread Starter: Audio-philia

    ProAc Studio 100, mint condition in natural Oak finish. Legendary monitors, if you are looking you don't need any introductions; stands

    19th November 2017 18:37 by TIU Go to last post

    Faulty B&W DM303

    Thread Starter: TIU

    If a speaker cabinet makes vibrating noises while the other one doesn't (at a moderate volume), is that a blown bass/mid driver or a fault with the crossover?

    Today 14:57 by TIU Go to last post
    cat's squirrel

    heavyweight LP

    Thread Starter: cat's squirrel

    I have just 'raided' a local charidy shop, and came away with 20 records for under 20! One was a 7incher, Barbirolli and Halle playing Vaughan Williams

    Yesterday 18:32 by cat's squirrel Go to last post
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