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  • 25 best live records of all time

    Week 1

    Well, I'm jumping back in with another list, and this could be the best I've found since the '50 Most Influential' that I started about 5 years ago and faithfully posted about each week until all 50 had been mentioned. It created a fair amount of interest and debate, this will last half that time, but I hope it helps to create a little excitement...well, let's say interest...around here. Here goes nothing...

    25 The Allman Brothers Band - At the Fillmore East - haven’t had your fill of “Whipping Post,” you didn’t grow up on FM Radio. Southern Rock never quite reached its potential--unless you consider Molly Hatchet transcendent--but its roots were sharp and shaggy. Had Duane Allman lived, would he have had the power to re-route its course? As the mystics say, who knows?

    This remains one of my personal favourites; Hot 'Lanta, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed...great stuff all. What say you?
    This article was originally published in forum thread: 25 best live records of all time started by nobody View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. The Professor's Avatar
      Hi Bernd

      How are you?
    1. eddie spaghetti's Avatar
      Hi Bernd. how you doing m8?
    1. cartridgemangler's Avatar
      Sorry guys, that was me trying out something - I wanted to promote a thread to an article, and picked Bernd's 25 Live Albums one.
      Apologies for the confusion
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    My wife was born in Moss Pit.

    ESK Today 11:16 Go to last post

    Yes I should have dusted it before taking the pics.

    It will get the tlc it deserves. At least it's not covered in cow muck The

    karatestu Yesterday 22:28 Go to last post
    John R

    You really haven't lived m8

    Probably a lot less worried that you front end isn't quite right though!


    John R Yesterday 21:42 Go to last post
    John R

    Well that's what AF stated they would cost when they were producing them. You could get the complete Sole VII for that.

    John R

    John R Yesterday 21:10 Go to last post
    John R

    It needs mucho TLC Stu and stylus guard on the Argo!!

    John R.

    John R Yesterday 21:07 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Nurse! Nurse!

    The Professor Yesterday 20:48 Go to last post

    Terrific band.

    TIU Yesterday 20:21 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Badum tish

    The Professor Yesterday 20:21 Go to last post

    At school I played in a band. One day I slipped and put a foot through one of the drums. The teacher was so annoyed he bashed a tambourine over my head.

    TIU Yesterday 20:16 Go to last post
    The Professor

    Yes, but hardly the ‘happiest’ of vocalists is Mr Garvie, do they have any cheery songs? (Mind you’ll be immune, you like Neil Young)

    The Professor Yesterday 20:15 Go to last post
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    Hellooooo I have never set up a turntable in my life........and now I have three of the buggers to set up The last time

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    Linn LP12 drive belt

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    Hello I have not bought a belt for what seems like an age and see the official Linn belts are now £50 Are there

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