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I'm off to Durham now to pick up some new speeks. The IMF rebuild is taking longer than I thought so I've had to treat myself again Cost me a new washing machine mind I'll stick some pics up later.


Here's a pic of the speakers.

A nice pair of KEF 105s. The jury's out at the moment but the concencus at the moment is that they are better in some areas than the TDLs but lacking in others especially the bottom end. Time will Tell.


Updated 27th September 2010 at 20:48 by Chops54

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  1. Roksoff -
    Roksoff's Avatar
    Jean must really love you Chops.
  2. AKY -
    AKY's Avatar
    Every time I buy something new for the hifi, it costs more than money. Reckon you got off easy.
  3. Dougie -
    Dougie's Avatar
    Jusy once Chops, just once, can you not buy a nice looking set of speakers. Yeh, Roksoff is correct.
  4. Chops54 -
    Chops54's Avatar
    I bought them because I always wanted a pair and I like classic stuff. I think the TDLs will be going back and I'll put these to one side for the minute.

    What's your idea of a nice looking speaker Doug?

    And Rocky, yes Jean really does love me. I've bought another preamp too because it was so damn cheap I couldn't say no. She gave me the brass too.
  5. Dougie -
    Dougie's Avatar
    in all honesty looks really doesn't bother me, if it sounds good you can always hang a curtain in front of the ugly stuff

    The big Ushers are quite 'bonny', but at aprice I don't wish to contemplate. Anyway are they bedding in yet?
    Updated 1st October 2010 at 15:41 by Dougie