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  • Welcome to The Crossover Network

    1. General

    The Crossover Network is a forum dedicated primarily to Music and High Fidelity Music Reproduction.

    The site is intended to provide members with a place to discuss Music, Hifi and other related ...
    by Published on 26th May 2010 00:12
    1. General

    So here it is... the new look software.

    I know it will take a while to get used to, but get used to it you will.

    I'll update this with more relevant information soon, I'm still ...

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    Another dodgy 'UK based' seller on ebay.

    9 Halonimstreet apt 41

    TIU Today 14:37 Go to last post

    I went looking for some of the older Anekdoten LPs this morning but at 30 - 40 an LP I passed.

    ESK Today 13:19 Go to last post

    Thanks E.

    TIU Today 13:03 Go to last post

    ...and a live(ish) clip.

    ESK Today 07:29 Go to last post

    I had an Opeth evening last night. I listened to the last 3 albums. They are basically just heavy prog with lots of organ.

    If you like that

    ESK Today 07:27 Go to last post

    I'm starting to get into Opeth.

    TIU Yesterday 22:55 Go to last post

    Thanks John, I'll be making a trip to Leicester soon then :-)

    Purplepyramid 15th October 2017 20:59 Go to last post

    yes ill get the web site updated

    Cymbiosis of Leicester has both uniarm and pu7 arms for demo

    and signals audio and infidelity

    j7 15th October 2017 20:03 Go to last post
    SME V

    The best with the twelve is that is suits every man/womens wallet and the most of the parts suits 1973 to 2017 and backwards and with the std parts and

    SME V 15th October 2017 19:50 Go to last post

    Thanks very much Steve, that sounds ideal. :-)

    Purplepyramid 15th October 2017 19:14 Go to last post
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    Thread Starter: talisman2

    giving the 'old' LP12 an outing tonight !! (Clearaudio & Denon having a rest tonight) i bought the Linn in 1982 and i can honestly say that i have

    14th October 2017 20:39 by SME V Go to last post

    Syrinx PU3 verses AO PU7 verses Uniarm

    Thread Starter: Purplepyramid

    Thinking of upgrading my PU3 to a PU7. Other than the improvement in SQ can someone detail to differences in sound and character compared to the PU7,

    15th October 2017 20:59 by Purplepyramid Go to last post

    World Design Pre and step up transformers

    Thread Starter: Slammed56

    Any interest in my World Design Series 3 Preamp Built by myself to a high standard using the upgraded XL component kit Preamp is a 3 box

    14th October 2017 09:54 by Slammed56 Go to last post

    A little ....possibly Legal advice?

    Thread Starter: Zygote23

    I must have the patience of a saint. I ordered a new TT last Feb:- Michell Gyro SE Techno Arm HR Power Supply

    14th October 2017 13:38 by jy3 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: talisman2

    listening to one of the best prog albums ever !!! 'Moonmadness' by Camel (that is only my opinion , but i'm right !!!!)

    14th October 2017 20:39 by Batty Go to last post
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