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    by Published on 26th May 2010 02:05
    1. Music

    Week 1

    Well, I'm jumping back in with another list, and this could be the best I've found since the '50 Most Influential' that I started about 5 years ago and faithfully posted about each ...
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    Yes I should make it absolutely clear that Michell have been excellent in their communications with me.....my problem lies with KronosAV....and I doubt

    Zygote23 Today 13:22 Go to last post
    The Professor

    It wasn’t Michel that was screwing him around it was Kronos AV

    The Professor Today 12:43 Go to last post

    You mean after screwing you around they'd be happy to sell you some more stuff. Great.

    ESK Today 12:24 Go to last post

    Looks like its mostly going to be sorted this week (haven't we heard this before). To be fair to Michell they have emailed me to say that when I get

    Zygote23 Yesterday 15:43 Go to last post

    ha ha no worries dave,
    yes im looking forward to hearing it,its cleared customs and ive paid the 91.4 charge !
    im hoping for tuesday.

    karma67 Yesterday 10:43 Go to last post

    Umm. Much to the annoyance of a dealer pal of mine, at one time Michell would occasionally sell direct... Not sure if they still do in these uncertain

    DSJR Yesterday 10:11 Go to last post

    They went back to the dodgy seller. I asked B&W and their reply was to the effect of, we don't carry spares for products more than ten years old and

    TIU 9th December 2017 20:02 Go to last post

    Treat the Tarantella like a Rega and position it carefully. We had troubles with new ones sadly, but a good working one was really good I remember.

    DSJR 9th December 2017 19:50 Go to last post

    I'm not stalking, honest

    I really hope you enjoy this arm. It'll be interesting to see how you find it compared to the usual one

    DSJR 9th December 2017 19:47 Go to last post

    Been away a while, but here goes...

    B&W may well have some spares for these still, but they seem to want an arm and leg for them

    DSJR 9th December 2017 19:44 Go to last post
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    Power (and the glory) supplies

    Thread Starter: qube

    So one of my active monitors died; switch model PSU was poorly, took a while to locate all the poorly components but despite that I was unable to get

    8th December 2017 17:42 by qube Go to last post

    zeta on its way

    Thread Starter: karma67

    i've bought a zeta from the states,it should be here next week,i love the look of these tonearms and should be a better match for my decca c4e than the

    Yesterday 10:43 by karma67 Go to last post
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