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Thread: David Vandervelde - Waiting for the Sunrise

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    Default David Vandervelde - Waiting for the Sunrise

    I was going to try to do one amateur mini-review a week (must'n overdo it), but why be restrictive. So here is another one. I am working my way through my latest haul and this one really got my attention. Ignore the sun-bleached 60s style west coast cover shot.
    On his 2007 debut The Moonstation House Band, David Vandervelde crooned in a high, wavering voice above spaced out, reverb guitars and a Phil Spector influence "Wall of Sound" production. However, it appears this young boy is more than just a glam rock fan as he seamlessly eases his way into new, more laid back territory on his new album, and it reminds me of an afterparty soundtrack awaiting a new dawn.

    The genius of David Vandervelde is that he's able to wear his classic rock influences on his sleeve and yet still sound utterly refreshing and original. Waiting for the Sunrise also signals that he's anything but a one-sound pony and gives hope that his future is bright and full of surprises. Either way, he's a breath of fresh air and assures us that rock'n roll has yet to die.
    The one but last track "Lyin' In Bed" is worth the full asking price. A most beautiful Guitar solo to end a superb piece.
    Highly recommended for fans of the etheral, David Bowie, cocaine induced, Blues persuasion.
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    Now this is more like it. Reminds me of George Harrison and sometimes Dylan. There some moments of noise like John Spencer Blues Explosion album that are a turn off, but some gems in there such as Someone Like You. Worth checking out.
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