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Thread: Over The Rhine - Ohio

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    Default Over The Rhine - Ohio

    Back in 2004 Over The Rhine released their masterpiece. It's a wonderful mellow, kick back, put your feet up and watch the sun set kind of music. Lyrically, is where Over The Rhine really shines, but they are seriously acomplished musicians as well. Several tracks are piano driven with well jugded backing. Most of their records are mood albums and you surely feel their music as opposed to just listening to it. Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler have a unique way of translating human emotion into beautiful musical tapestry, and Karin's voice...what can you say about it. Her voice alone is enough to make you buy anything they put out. If this sounds like your kind of music, you won't go wrong with this double album 21 song release.
    Press play, kick back, poor youself a mellow one and watch the world go by.
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