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Thread: Eric Copeland - Hermaphrodite

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    Default Eric Copeland - Hermaphrodite

    What do David Byrne, John Coltrane, The Boredoms, Pink Floyd, Christian Fennesz, Suicide, Brian Eno and Van Morrison have in common?

    These could all be used to explain the sound of Copelands Brooklyn based band Black Dice.

    But more so than any Black Dice outings to date, Hermaphrodite, Eric Copelandís first proper solo album leans more towards the timbre of more normal genres, rather than Black Dices' former excursions into psychedelic drone, whilst still maintaining abstract structures. The title track summons a Fantasia ride orchestra. La Booly Boo leaves the impression of a Gamelan orchestra. Spacehead sounds like an honest to goodness guitar or banjo and voice song - played by some raucous Alien Character. Itís neigh on impossible to source the sounds on this album, and itís this that works so well throughout. While there is little to indicate that this is structured music at all, Hermaphrodite presents a compelling listen with enough beauty, humor and musicality to hook and reel back in those that stray from the beaten track.
    Beautiful, mysterious stuff indeed.
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    Great review. All the artists you mentioned are outstanding!! However, I realize that I never listened to Byrne's solo stuff, which is stunning even for my self - with works of Alan Vega and Mark Mothersbaugh I'm acquainted no matter what.

    Talking about Black Dice, yesterday I was DJing and, man, "Earnings Plus Interest" has hell of a bass! I mean, it's just overwhelming. Amazing band at every aspect.

    BTW it's funny that you think Hermaphrodite sounds more normal - in conventional sense Black Dice is more of a pop music for me. I find Copeland's solo works to be a way stranger - I can't even describe them with words, or maybe we just have different music backgrounds?

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