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Thread: Viarosa - Send For The Sea

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    Default Viarosa - Send For The Sea

    This six-piece London outfit have just released their second disc which displays an incredible musical depth, transcending several different genres and styles with consummate ease.

    Coupled with some of the most touching ballads I've heard in a long time, tinged with folk sentiments, there's also some serious guitar work on tracks like album opener Tourniquet and The Old Walls. Richard Neuberg's vocals cover you like a mist rolling off the sea, while some simply stunning strings arrangements tear at the heartstrings. Passionate yet melancholic, this isn't an album to be taken lightly. It has hidden depths that can drag you under or propel you forward at great speed.

    It's tender in a bitter-sweet way and completely absorbing. A rare, quality find from an unexpected source.

    The Birthday Party meets Jonny Cash to join Echo and the Bunnymen. As close as. A real gem of a disc.
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