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Thread: Sleepercar - West Texas

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    Default Sleepercar - West Texas

    Now and then you get a punk/hardcore rawker to jump onto an acoustic trip and sing poorly crafted whiskey soaked ballads.
    Not this time though, this record succeeds and is more than just a collection of tear-in-your-beer tracks. It offers a lot of melody, diversity and density. Even at its dustiest, Jim Ward's arrangements scoot along and have an energy crackling through them. Instead of trying to re-invent himself, JW has used his experience to help put his stamp on an oversaturated genre. As he screams the outro to Wednesday Nights over some heavy electric and drum crashes, you get transported from the open air to the grit of the city. More importantly, you realise the power some of these songs have. What you will not get is any sort of backward glance towards Jim Wards previous musical mayhem At The Drive In. This stands on its own merit, songs stripped bare, and boy is it a satisfying listen. If you can imagine the Kinks doing Alt.Country you are half way there.
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