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Thread: Diana Jones gig

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    Thumbs up Diana Jones gig

    I haven't been here for quite a while and was sorry to have missed Kenny at the show recently it would have been good to meet up.

    Anyhow I went to an amazing gig yesterday.

    I first saw Diana Jones on the bill of the Americana thing that Seasick Steve sort of compered at the Barbican and was broadcast on BBC4 a little while ago.

    There were a number of good musicians but Diana Jones made me sit up and take notice, a talented songwriter in the Appalachian Mountains tradition.

    As with a lot of things once you come across a new artist you bump into them everytime you turn round. She was on the next 'recommendations' email I got from Amazon etc etc.

    I came home one night and she was featured on Bob Harris' Country hour on Radio 2 and he gave out a list of gigs.

    One of them was advertised as a Hill House concert

    It turned out to be someone's front room in a private house near Crawley.

    Thanks to Simon and his wife for organising the event and providing all the drinks and snacks.

    There were about 20 people there and I was sat in the second row about 5 feet from Diana Jones as she gave an acoustic masterpiece, Her playing was wonderful especially this old 4 string guitar she had and some of the unaccompanied singing was extremely powerful and emotional.

    Little Richard once called this music 'The White Man's Blues' and it was all there, mining accidents, death, poverty and a deep spiritual faith that things would get better even if you had to die to achieve it!

    Diana Jones is on Woman's Hour on Radio 4 next week, is recording for the Jools Holland show and is playing the Cambridge Folk Festival in the summer. Her new album 'Better Times Will Come' was released a few weeks ago and alng with a previous album 'My Remembrance of You' are both available from the usual sources.

    I bought a really interesting album at the gig called 'Radio Soul' which Diana Jones recorded with Jonathon Byrd in one 7 hour stint. It is close miked, immediate and fresh, a wonderful recording although I haven't seen it for sale anywhere as I think it was a self issue.

    Her star is rising, catch her if you can.

    I am now going to get a kitchen chair plonk myself 5 ft away from the speakers, stick her CD on and see if this hifi system is any bloody good at all

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    Thanks for the head-up Tel,she sounds a bit like Kathy Mattea,will defo check out her releases.


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