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Thread: geoff gascoyne

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    Default geoff gascoyne

    I heard this guy on "jazz hot house" radio scotland sunday night ,what struck me was his great acoustic bass playing ,but a double for me was the great "jim mullen" was on guitar in the band.......so I bought the his latest CD "Bop pop" covers of Pop songs , some work some dont .............. but the guitar work both bass and rythym is superb ............and a few really great tracks cover up for the poor ones well worth a check out it you like your bass man !!!!


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    hello not sure if uyou are still around in hear , but prehaps see post in the jazz section , if you like a tune or two , yes i agree geoff is a great bass player, mind you london is stuffed with lots of talented acoustic bass players, sadly not many are heard of too much or indeed making too much money .

    same for a lot of muscians it seems, .


    might see you in fife

    jb ,this weeke end friday .

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