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Thread: Ortofon M20FL Super cartridge

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    Default Ortofon 'M20 FL Super' cartridge

    Just purchased an NOS (new old stock) 1980 Ortofon M20FL Super cart. Haven't received it yet, maybe this week. Got it from Germany. $190.00 US. I think they sold for $160+ in 1980. Also got some new headshell lead wires, gold tipped, Lutz type, $30 US.

    This new cart was the 'upper end', or at least near it, of the type of cart I broke on my Sansui SR-838 TT so I figured if this 'style' worked before, and I really loved the sound quality, this new cart should be perfect and sound wonderful too, maybe even better. It did cost 5X as much as the FE I was using. Can't wait to get the cart in the mail!

    Anyone have one of these M20FL Super carts?
    How do you like it??

    I am using the standard Sansui headshell supplied with the SR-838. It seems really solid, is aluminum, and it does have an adjustable azimuth. They seem to be a really fine headshell. The tonearm is the 'S' shaped type. Do you think it would be better to get a 'flat topped' headshell like Nagaoka?? Do you think it would make a difference???

    As always...Appreciate the advice!
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