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Thread: Wynton Marsalis Vinyl

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    If you like Wynton, then check 1960's Blue Notes and 1960's Verve most of these should be stereo, Miles Davis on Prestige, John Coltrane on Atlantic, especially Giant Steps and My Favorite Things. Reissues of these are plentiful, but some are very expensive. Original Blue Notes are for the diehard collectors. Music Matters Blue Note Reissue series is fantastic, but $50USD/title

    Some of my favorite BN's (sorry I'm not sure if these are mono or stereo)

    Cannonball Adderley Somethin' Else
    Tina Brooks True Blue
    Lee Morgan The Sidewinder

    Here's a searchable discography of major jazz labels

    A few more

    Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section
    Miles Davis Kind of Blue

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    Hi AKY
    Thanks for your pointers and link lots here to keep me occupied for some time if only I had the time I will report Back later with some of my likes maybe some dislike as well??
    Thanks to all keep them coming lads
    The Blues Man
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    hiya guys
    also plaes do check out the various uk based recording labels, some great players and groups in the uk

    you might also like to check out andy hamilton alto player in mancheter, and also recordings of stuff from , a old mate, mike walker, a stunning jazz guitarist very original voice, form manchester aslo

    and also his pal and another pal iain dickson tenor sax, a F@@ING MONSTER PLAYER , PLAYED IN TEH RADIO BIG BAND FOR about 5 years , straight form college , he playes lots of other instruments as well to professional standard, one of lifes bonker talented chaps , was playing with micheal breker on one of his albums a couple of years ago , on bass clarinet, i actully wasent really into the album ,

    but anywya

    check these guys out , the manchester scene is a gresat plcae for jazz musicians, i used to live there, and i can play a few tunes , but i was struggling to get work because there was som many talented other peeps,


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