well i have long been a fan of mix up sampler thjings, but i got a bbc 2005 jazz awards cd , from a pal , the other day

well there is many jazz heads in hear , and i can recommend this for many reasons , it has some great tunes on it and also a good mix of stuff to have a taster , but also for the recording it has the good the bad and the very ugly on it ,
i willtry to post a longer idea of what i hear latter, any way honestly you should hear the compleate mess of some of the drumm recording , and for bass soounds !!!! i havent a clue what speaker you might replay some of these tracks on to tame the bass out put, its a very very mixed bag

i will be trying to get the other bbc jazz awards cds my self ,

regards to you

when will producers stop putting a mic in the bass drum and then ramming it in to a compressor and beating it to hell and back ,
sitting in a llive gig , no mics etc, the drums in a jazz grou p can sound great , just addds to the overall sound of the group. but hard panned drums and cymbles arre silly.

jb .

thank god i have tone controls on my amp , to wind the bass down a few notches.