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Thread: Welcome to the Classical Forum

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    This forum is for discussion of Classical and Orchestral Music

    You can post about your favourite albums and Artists, recent discoveries, top tens etc here.

    Also you can post recommendations for those unfamiliar with the genre to help them get started.

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    So been having a few tunes on the bank Holliday weekend, it turns into a 5 hour nightmare, on my old I suppose it could be called vintage stuff, ,or tat, playing lovely wanton Marsalis jazz group stuff fantastic live recording very natural and not too much processing to my ears the bass drum just sounds right etc also all the other instruments the double bass fantastic on these bit Sony 12 inch bass and 4 inch minds with a quality top unit, well it sound good to me , but seriously a old set of big speaker a 200 Sony receiver, nice mosfet uk tuned thing and a marantz original thingy , ose. 900 model or something like that, basic speaker wires and 15 interconnects with the big speaker plonked on dinning chairs, just the right height for sitting , so anyway ,, put on this classical Max's Shostakovich brt philharmonic orchestra ref. 8.550427 , sounds fantastic and plenty of propper dynamics, it's a great recording, if you system and speakers can take it give it a spin , seems very natural to my flaps, no close temp mics, the hoens sound like there at the back of the hall , the percussion is not pushed forward etc, just good honest recording , well very good indeed,

    So then it's getting late and I cannot be bothered hooking up my beresford dac for head phone listening , so I decide to just use a old technics little front room system I brought for I think 25" second hand a while ago , it's just really for radio in the house, a hd51 micro thing, well I plonk the cd in the tray , and plug in my big senhiser ovation head phones, it sounds really rather good, seriously easy enough to listen and a good volume from the little system , as the senhiser snare I believe a little tricky to drive, etc, not enough prehaps to get rid of the big marantz CD player but on phones thi little basic CD player with a good recording is very easy to listen too, obviously the other system is a bit more of every thing , but this set up using the internal headphone input is fine, even with the headphones at there original cost of about 100 and 25 for the system , it's gotta be good value, I think the cd was a charity shop buy at a couple of pounds as well , lovely,

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