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Thread: New Gillian Welch album!

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    Default New Gillian Welch album!

    Her new one, The Harrow & The Harvest, is out now, at last.

    She doesn't hurry, does she?

    I reckon anyone who liked her previous albums will like this: something of the dreamy quality of some of Time (The Revelator), without quite getting into the hypnotic, "ambient country" of Dream a Highway.

    The formula is little different: 2 guitars, 1 lead voice, 1 backing voice; songs that, in the same way as early The Band, sound as though they could come from anywhere in the last 100 years.

    Excellent stuff!

    Oh, and Amazon seem to have bumped the price up from the "pre-order" price - swine!

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    Just got this, it's very good indeed. Some beautiful harmonies and the simple arrangements make the whole thing seem really intimate.

    She played a couple of tracks live on last weeks Bob Harris Country show and they were stunning.

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