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Thread: Simon H Barton Strikes - Classified Scam

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    Default Simon H Barton Strikes - Classified Scam


    I am new here but want to bring to your attention someone who has scammed me and many others out of money by the false sale of goods.

    I have his name as above by a bank transfer at the end of which I never received the goods. I am in the process of criminal proceedings but am calling on anyone who has dealt with this chap and had problems to come forward.

    While this could be a sake of identify theft, I am not convinced. Regardless this is not a which hunt to him personally but an attempt to gather information and let the legal system decide if it is him.

    I have read this thread with interest and this seems to be the only sale he has made legitimately!


    However this chaps dad must have died quite a few times (he gave me the same story) so Chops was very lucky to get his item I believe.

    I have started similar threads on pinkfish media and hifiwigwam as he has plagued both of those sites including this one.

    If anyone has any information please contact me.



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    I thought Chops had a running with this character. Was looking for that very thread yesterday which you've linked to above but couldn't find it.
    I read somewhere else, because there's been a lot written about this guy lately, that he uses family bereavements as an excuse for not posting out which rung a bell that Chops had dealings with a guy who came up with the very same excuse.

    Your obviously aware of the threads on wigwam and pfm regarding this chap. AOS have one running aswell IIRC but doesn't offer up anymore info that hasn't already been discussed on other forums..
    We have one which I'm sure you're already aware of.

    Good luck in nailing this guy.

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    Thankyou. Chops is one of the few people that have actually got what they paid for here. I hoping Chops might have some other information that can help me.

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    Ive made it a sticky for the time being

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    Book his band for a gig here, when he turns up phone the police and make a report of theft.

    How ironic, on the 19th of November his band supported Courteous Thief at the Conwy Civic Hall.

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    Thanks Prof!

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    Anyone else had any dealings with this guy?

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