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Thread: Plattamat 1 - Feedback

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    Smile Plattamat 1 - Feedback

    Hello John,

    I have been carrying out some small upgrades to my hi-fi system generally, new phono stage, PSU offboard power supply for my Rega P3 - 24 and some upgraded isolation feet to the plinth which are used on the P7/P9 models, also an upgraded drive belt.

    I have been assessing each upgrade individually as I have added them and they have all made a tremendous difference....but I added the Plattamat 1 just before Christmas and I can only say that I am absolutely astonished....of all my upgrades this is the lowest cost one and has made as equal an improvement than the total of all the other items at some 350.

    Just more of the music....treble sparkling, voices sublime set in a perfect backdrop of musicians and totally underpinned by a rock solid bass that was increased by my power supply addition, but this mat has solidified the lower frequencies substantially.

    And no static......as per the horrible felt mats....

    Many thanks for an outstanding product, I have been studying your new charcoal grey Plattamat 2 on your site with interest...as you have explained it apparently offers even more over the Plattamat 1, again it is an inexpensive upgrade at the price, and I'm sure would not only sound even better, but aesthetically blend in with my black plinth as a bonus, albeit I find that your natural bonded cork P1 mat to be far more attractive than comparable natural cork mats out there.

    I will therefore try the Plattamat 2 for my Rega and report back to your good self and other forum members once I have had a chance to do an A-B comparison.

    I obviously understand that the vast majority of your forum members may well be Linn owners, but it is significant to advise on the degree of improvement gained on my turntable, as Rega, along with Linn, appear to be advocates of natural wool mats on their platters.

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    Looking at one for my Rock, I have a stock 1978 Planar 3 I can try it on too.
    I have a Rock and I'm not afraid to use it.

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    Hi Brian.

    So glad you are happy with your Plattamat..

    The apparent magnitude of improvement wrought in your vinyl replay when switching to the Plattamat from felt is due to system synergy. Where the Plattamat is helping to showcase the individual contribution each upgrade has made to your system by "bringing it all together" so to speak.

    It's a great little mat it is



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    Wink Plattamat 1

    Hi John,

    I agree entirely, The 'icing to the cake' so to speak...to complete the recipe..



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