so i am asking in hear as i have looked around a good bit on internet and not got any were ,

i have several boxes of reel to reel tapes, mostly in good nick 1/4 ampex stuff heavey and cheap to go , i mean 1 a reel to collect, approx 20 .used but not aused .modern ampex mostly the odd maxwell tape in plastic reels 5 inch .

but also i have some special stuff !!!!

two 1 inch quantegy 499 large reels metal un opened brought three years ago for a project never used , also one the same used once only for about 3 hours ,

and also 3 or 4 other ampex one inch 456 reels , metal as well from memory, used but stored propperly and perfectly usable ,

heavey to post, but i havent got any place to contact regarding selling these , so any help appreciated , .

i did sell a box of about 20 to a hifi dealer last year but i cannot rember who it was, down south , he sent a courier

and it was 2 a reel from memory .