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Thread: Cheap alternative to Origin Live Upgrade Transformer (PSU)

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    As james73 notes I use the 12V 3.0A L54BR with the heavily modified O/L Mk6-b board & Maxon REmax 226774 motor, which having had a fair bit of use is now incredibly stable, to extract the last nuance of performance I am thinking of the following;

    The Hydraulic reference platter weighs 5 kg. I am toying with adding 12 mm thick 50 mm diameter brass discs under the platter using the gold platter weights mounting screws this would add about 1 kg, as they will sit near the edge of the platter, they will add more to the inertia than if the weight was evenly distributed. The bearing I use is the upgraded one John Michell devised in the 1980's for use with his laminated glass platter which about 1 kg , I have fitted 1/4" nitride (Si4N4) ball bearing which together with J7 BOOSTER OIL should cope with the extra weight.

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