Whilst discovering the delay in the release of Amused To Death, I made a couple of constructive suggestions to Tim at What Records regarding the use of his site, namely:

When browsing your site for vinyl products (for nothing particularly specific) there are 245 pages to work through. However, this is a large volume of products to scan in one session with no way of returning to a specific page if one leaves the site after a spell, unless you can advise otherwise? Alternatively, it would be extremely beneficial if there was a facility to select a specific page when returning to your site.

It is also not possible within your site to determine what orders are liable to be delivered immediately as, apart from some indicated as “out of stock”, there appears to be no guarantee that others listed are actually in stock. Unfortunately, this not only frustrates some of your customers, but affords you the (sometimes undeservedly) title of “Eventually Records?”…(noted from music / hi-fi forums)..as customers wait a considerable time for their goods to be delivered. Subsequently, it would also be advantageous to be able to determine exactly which items are in stock, rather than ordering ‘at risk’.

Having then received confirmation of the expected delivery date of ATD, I made a further comment regarding What Records payment process:

Although I appreciate (and sympathise) with circumstances that are beyond your control regarding the issue of remastered albums and re-issues, there IS something you can do that will retain customer confidence in you as a retailer:

Do not charge our accounts until the goods are ready for despatch! (like a number of other sellers I deal with).

Despite your site probably having a misprint (?), which I discovered last night, you still have my money for six months in this particular case before I have the possibility of receiving my goods. . . . and from previous experience even April cannot probably be guaranteed…!!

However, to date I have had no reply whatsoever from Tim at What Records, so it appears that he has little interest in his customers, so long as payment is paid at the time of ordering!!

Having previously had no complaints with What Records (despite some orders taking some time to be delivered), am I being unreasonable, or do others who deal with them have gripes of a similar nature? This most recent experience has left me feeling that my hard earned cash can go elsewhere in the future, knowing my account will be not be charged until the time my order is actually ready to be despatched.