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Thread: Buffer and reference power amp build.

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    Lol, it won't be long before you're telling the students to come back later 'cause you're busy.

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    I got me some fancy upgrade parts to bring my mono blocks up to proper reference level. Amtrans AMCH, Black gate FK & Elna RJH caps and charcroft Z foil resistors for the compensation & feedback networks. Mundorf Supreme caps for DC blocking.

    I'm just thankful that I'm not one of the dozen or so people who came together on this project and spent all that time and money trying out loads of different and sometimes very expensive components in differing roles to find the best combinations. That lot I just bought was expensive enough at around 80 quid and there are already quite a number of high spec components in the amps

    The theory is that careful component choice is the means by which manufacturers achieve the so called house or signature sound. I'll know soon enough if they make a dams worth of difference

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