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Thread: OTA Quad 57 & Taket Batpure supertweeters

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    Default OTA Quad 57 & Taket Batpure supertweeters

    Whilst One Thing Audio serviced my S/H OTA Quad 57's they were fully converted to OTA OTEC Treble bass panels & electrics etc. 10 years ago. The result of the service is superb...

    I have been using Jimmy Hughes inspired piezo horn tweeters with various quads for about 20 years they create an indefinable sparkle, strangely they improve the bass as well. I thought an upgrade was about due.

    Having read good things about them, I bought a Pair of Toshitaka Takei's Batpure supertweeters from Japan JPY 500 = 36.20 here in 2 days sat 5 days in customs & Parcelforce Depot then 6.20 VAT (fair) + 13 PF fee's for a service already paid for by the shipper. the EMS tracking told me what was happening movement by movement; Parcelforce tracking 5 days one word "accepted"? Then "Held"

    I had to contact Takei san as the minimalist instructions stated "Connect to speaker treble terminals" My question was did they need a capacitor to block low frequency signal (the existing Jimmy Hughes style piezo horns I use have 0.01uf cap. with a 15R 240v resistor) below is his reply.

    "Hello John san

    It is not problem if the bass signal has been input to Batpure.
    Batpure has a character of capacitor and cut under 15kHz.
    Please only attention not to input the voltage over 150Vp-p on Batpure.

    Please ask any other question without reservation.

    Best Regards,

    I fitted the Batpure's in the mouth of the existing horns fitted on top of the black wrapped Quad 57's see photo and connected them to the amplifier via Nordost Flatline Gold & a short pair of cat5 twisted twin wire to connect the Batpure's to the FLG. As I recently discovered Quad 57's invert absolute phase so I connected the quads out of phase ie red to black on both speakers & the Batpures in phase ie red to red

    The result is far smoother than the existing tweeters (now disconnected) everything even more natural: I have an improvement in excess of what I expected, even though I used the Jimmy Hughes inspired tweeters though they only went to 32khz (40khz Motorolas were out of stock at the time)

    The upshot of this audio magic; I have no intention of disposing of the tiny Batpure 20khz-150khz supertweeters and do not feel the need for a better super tweeter".

    My son who has bat like hearing, could hardly hear the Batpures playing as he has a cold, however they register significant output on a Frequency Meter...

    I have read on a continental site 2 pairs are better. The other pair on stands/wall 1m behind to the outside of each speaker???
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