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Thread: Origin Live belt improves LP12

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    Thumbs up Origin Live belt improves LP12

    After adding an Origami PU7 to my LP12 (heaven, bliss, must go for a lie down in a dark room), I've just tried changing the standard LP 12 belt for an Origin Live belt.

    Well, for my ears, the changes aren't subtle. Immediately, the treble became smoother, less edgy.
    After an hour or so, the mid range really started to improve with better balance and clarity, 3D sound stage became rugby ball shaped rather than half moon shaped, transients (like drum hits) became startling (nearly spilled my drink on Paul Simon's Boy in the Bubble), bass had the depth it had before but you could pick out more bass tone as well.

    Needs at least 5 hours to bed in and the effects to stabilise.

    So, a very happy bunny here.

    And the good news is you can try it for 3 weeks and if you don't like it, send it back.

    Worth a try mateys.

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    The only belt I need is to hold me trousers up.

    Oh, and can you still call it an LP12? Are there any Linn parts left?
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    A few bits left. The platter and bearing.

    Linn have changed springs, feet, power supplies, etc over the years to make it better ( although not sure why we had to go through various versions of Lingo before we got to Radikal - is there anything in Radikal that wasn't available years ago?) and my LP12 has never sounded better.

    Having to change most of it to non-Linn components doesn't change the excellence of the original design. I just wonder, sometimes, about those thousands of people who have LP12's, probably happy with it, who could be a lot happier with a few 'changes' - so I wanted to pass on a relatively cheap, no risk, opportunity to find out.

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