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Thread: It is time for a new laptop.

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    Default It is time for a new laptop.

    Hello peeps.

    Last week I spent a lot of hours doing the new laptop search. New laptop arrived today minus one of the features I thought it had so it is being returned to Mr Argos. I am a member of a mountain bike forum . Classic Honda car forum and a motorbike forum. I think the HIFI forum is my best bet finding a putur weenie. Can anybody advise on the following. As I am scunnerd with searching .

    1 new putur shall not be named after fruit.
    2 It shall have a backlit keyboard this is very important.
    3 It shall be 15 inches
    4 It will have a cd player
    5 It will have a min of 750gb and 4gb ram as I can use my old card. i3 chip min.
    6 Blueteeth would be nice as would Windows 7.

    I want the above for 300 to 350 with a tax invoice.

    Cheers ma dears Iain
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    PM sent.

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