so I am just about to make a purchase of either a older ipad, poss 2 or 3 or the smaller ipad mini ,

for making basic videos , I have been looking things up , and it seems if I get the filmic softwear loaded I can somehow control the video usage a bit better, it has some sort of extra controls for white balance, and a few other things, also I believe the pad a and mini also have tap focus , I am wondering if any one in hear has used the devices for basic video shooting , I know its not a dedicated camera, but I am after a basic thing but easy to use I will be recording the sound on a Tascam dr05 recorder and adding the sound in later,

I believe the ipad 3 and the mini have the same sort of camera quality, good enough for genral 720 p recording , I think if it looks fine at 720 p I will have cracked it, .

I passed on the canon eos m as it would have been it seems little used for most of the year, this way I can also edit the shoots on the device, and also use it for garage band etc, .

if any one has a up to date pad they are looking to move I , I might be interested, but it seems I can get a good deal via the school I work in , as a device to use at my work , etc, .

Richard ,