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Thread: Trying to understand the crossover of my Boston 2 way in order to mod it

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    Default Trying to understand the crossover of my Boston 2 way in order to mod it

    I love the general tonality of my Bostons. It's just that no matter the amp I run them with they're a bit too laid back. Below I go through by how much.
    I my most recent amp, which is a Marantz, has that Audessey calibration system. Like this feature or not this enabled me to visually assess the tonal missmatch. It seems to drop the 250 and 500 region with a couple of dBs and lift from 1k and up with about as much.
    And even when calibrated it's quite heavy in the higher lows and lower mids - can the amp be putting its efforts exactly where the speakers are? - so I adjusted the per usual +10k frequencies with a couple of additional dBs. Still lacked presence in voices and instruments so drawing from my experience of guitar gear I went on to raise the 2k - 10k region by 2dBs - and success!
    But as you know: this make up mids and highs is far from perfect. Then I recalled my Dynavoice speakers featured adjustable X-overs and figured: "what if I tried to lift the highend/ lower the lowend by tampering with the X-over?" I suppose this would mean a bump where the filters overlap but let's call that an acceptable compromise.

    I'm obviously no expert on these things, but the Bostons seem to feature a series X-over w. 2 coils, 2 caps and 2 resistors. Am I correct in assuming the values of said resistors set the balance in sensitivity of the two drivers?

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    I'm no expert but before you go modding the crossover remember take note of the value of the resistors and make small changes to begin with. Try to use resistors of the same type ie wirewound for example. You can also use resistors in parallel. If you use the same value of resistor in parallel it will half the resistance. In series it will double the resistance.

    Happy modding.

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    Cheers, mate! Yeah, I suppose that could come in handy should my experimentations fail.

    Having tried to trace the circuits it seems [resistor & cap] parallell with [inductor] -> speaker. So if any alteration of level is going to take place it has to be done elsewhere...

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