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Thread: Another Rush thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cartridgemangler View Post

    Vapor Trails. bit of a conundrum. I really don't know what to make of it. I mean, I really like it a lot. There's a lot going on. Mamas and Papas type harmonies on a number of the songs. the track ' How it is' sounds a bit like Cast. There also seems to be a bit of a similar feel to the Red Days of the New album in places - the juxtaposition of the Heavy guitars and the acoustics, and the angst as well . I love Alex Lifeson's use of a Nashville tuned guitar all over the album too. (that's the high strings off a 12 string guitar)

    I'm in two minds about the mastering - and the wide criticism of it. Yes it's brickwalled, and heavily compressed, But I think it adds to the angst of the album. but it can be fatiguing on the ears. I'll compare it to the remix when I get it.

    But musically and lyrically this is a belter of an album. Knowing the circumstances surrounding it makes it all the more of a triumph as well.

    The Stars Look Down and Secret Touch are currently my stand-out tracks, followed by Ceiling Unlimited, Peaceable Kingdom, Earthshine and Ghost Rider.

    Regardless of being a Rush album, it stands as being a really great album. Rarely do I come across an album that I 'get' almost immediately from start to finish. But this goes in my pile with a few select others. Moving Pictures may or may not be in that pile too...
    Had a listen again to the original album in the car and it's not as bad production-wise as I remember. The bass and kick drum have good weight and I can easily distinguish the various instruments. It is a very strong album and one of the better Rush albums IMO. I have two of the remixed/tarted up tracks on a best of comp and they sound great too.
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