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Thread: headphone amplifier

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    Default headphone amplifier

    I need a decent headphone amplifier, not least to monitor recordings I'm making off the internet, as the lag time between that and DAB or TV or FM is about 20 seconds. So to reduce the risk of cutting off the end of a concert during recording, I want to use headphones. However, my computer doesn't support low impedance (~32 Ohms) headphones. So I have bought a kit which purports to be a copy of the Beyer Dynamic A1 design, although that one retails at more than 800! Even with the most extreme boutique parts, I cannot see the worth!

    The kit seems to be very good, I am only going to change some of the ceramic capacitors (horrible little b*ggers, except for NPO types) for poly types and a on/off led for a purple one. There was no case, sockets or anything external to the pcb, and I am a little loathed to cover up such a luverly board, so I may make an 'open air' type enclosure, as seen on other headphone offerings.1

    My old headphones, Sennheiser HD480's, (as used by the BBC) had been ravished by insects while in storage, so I decided to buy a new pair (or at least good second hand. But they were a little expensive for the very casual use I would need them for, so I bought a cheap pair of closed back design. They were not very efficient, so I have not used them for a while. I still loved my HD480's and decided to buy a pair, and found some on ebay, which had moth eaten foam, but my old pair had just had new ones, so not a problem! However, even at 40 I missed out on them. BUT, ebay in their wisdom (?) told me there were similar ones, but on the German ebay site. These looked new, and I won them for less than half the price of the UK ones. Only problem is that they have the 1/4 inch jack, rather than the 3.5mm one, which fits into a 1/4 inch jack, but that is easily fixed.

    The nice thing about the circuit (no circuit diagram supplied!) is that it is very similar to the power amplifiers I am building, and have shunt feedback, which I prefer. Also, the two integrated circuits which do the voltage amplification and buffering are mounted on DIL sockets, so boutique examples could be tried, if desired.

    So, just need to solder it all together, add a toroidal transformer and construct a kind of enclosure for it. Christmas, here we come.
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    How about a cheap little mixer , lots of brands do a 2 and 4 channel thing and they drive headphones fine I got a little behringer for two mic recording on to my mini disk sound ok . Perfectly usable I would say


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