So I have to make space so sadly these fantastic song ss G4 propper full range speakers have to go , I am after 130 , I tried these against several sets of thousand pound speakers and preferred mine every time , big cabs 10 inch bass speakers 4 inch mids and a qua
ity 1 inch trebble , very high quality sound , working perfectly , also a nice sony uk tunned powerfull receiver silver and remote 40 very good sound 70 watts per channel stereo and 5 channel as well remote and good radio on it .

Small mission 50 watt plastic cab speakers go loud if you need them 20 4 inch bass , grey plastic cabs ,

heybrook hb 150 pair of compact speakers good working order , black 40
pounds to go , sound good as a second system . various leads , also a load of pa speakers and bass amps to go nice and cheap , need the space , lots ofmixers , power amp etc , and a couple of as new mini disk decks , used less than a couple of weeks I