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Thread: new review of AO Uniarm in the next stereophile mag

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    Quote Originally Posted by SME V View Post
    Great Review.
    Nice arm you have there , much talk about Aro...

    Hello Will glad too hear from you.

    Hi Lennart,

    You too, great set up you have now.

    J7 you're a man of many talents,


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    Thanks Willie

    The other 5 Linnies i had at that time is gone and only this one left. The one i miss most it was the one with Sme 309, Norton Air PS , Audio Silente Mushrooms and AT 33 SA an incredible good TT and a wonderful cartridge.
    This i think had a good match to Linn Klimax Lp 12 and the Stilettoed lp 12 has gone past this far far away.....

    SORRY J7

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    NO ONE : Tangerine Audio Stiletto, Plateau, Skorpion, SME V ( D ), DV DRT XV 1S, Chord Sign Tuned Aray, Cirkus, Radikal Klimax, Tranquility.
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