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Thread: Nordost Valhalla tonarme cable retermination

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    Default Nordost Valhalla tonarme cable retermination

    Thought I would drop a line in appreciation of an excellent job Johnnie at AO has just done for me. I'd recently bought an SME 30 turntable which would match well with my SME V tonearm and Valhalla cable. After setting it all up I was crestfallen to find that the SME DIN plug on the Valhalla would not fit the socket!! On the SME 30 you need a special 5-DIN plug where the pins are rotated through 90˚ such that the plug and cable hang vertically not horizontally. The SME supplied VdH cable does this but I wanted to use my Valhalla!

    I managed to get the correct DIN plug from SME but when I opened up my Valhalla DIN plug I realised that this would be an absolute nightmare to reterminate - the wires are huge and stiff and there is no way I'd be able to solder it - even worse with the pins turned through 90˚

    SME suggested Johnnie at AO and so after speaking to him I sent it up with the new DIN connector. A week later the reterminated cable was sent back to me finished to a beautiful standard - see picture.

    It sounds fantastic and makes the VdH cable sound small, blurred and lacking in bass.

    Many thanks Johnnie - you are an artist.




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