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    hi , got the chance of a XTZ A100-D3 Class A Integrated amp for a 'give-away' price (150) and i was wondering if any of you clever lot have heard or have any experience of said amp ? any advice would be helpful

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    I don't thinks it's a pure class a design, but it did the rounds a few years ago around the 500 mark, it was a decent chifi amp, the problem is HiFi is such a badge driven market that it didn't do that well.

    At 150 you could get older s/h amps from established manufacturers, this may be the way to go as more will be known about them and they will be easier to repair should something go wrong.

    If you buy it mail order from a retailer then you can try it and send it back if it isn't suitable, if you buy it from a private seller it will take you a while to get shot of it, you may lose some money, but the most you'll lose is 150.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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