Please don't over look these , they do have rather nice , units in them , nice large 12 inch bass 4 inch mid and 1 inch treble, most are I think viva or same sort of thing German drivers, loud as you will ever need, in a house easily deep enough and clear over the mid to top end, easy to drive, I had two sets ? One in a dedicated large music room etc and also a sitting room ,

Model ss s51 good solid fast sound, I am more than happy with the sound but don't need two sets, also a nice modern Sony receiver 5 channel 90 watt per channel silver mosfett thing loads of sound, and remote, 50 like new ,

80 the speakers no stands but I have them plonked on a couple of sturdy chairs sound great ,

Would make a great system for any one ,
beresford model one dac original for sale 70 in box etc with nice original cable as well , happy to post, been using it very occasionally head phone duties, rote learning pre amp older thing but modern enough also coming soon , very nice phone stage , tone controls plenty of inputs, . Rich