we had the men (well man) from Virgin come to install the latest version of the TiVo box, yesterday. Present box has been relocated to the kitchen, where my partner glazes her ceramics, which can be a long job (several hours), and the new box sits by the hifi.

Installation took about 2 hours! but the new box is much smaller and neater, IMHO. The new scart interconnect, (which I just bought) has been replaced by HDMI, and although the TV accepts HDMI, it is a real pain setting it up each time. However, the picture is better (and much better on the kitchen system!).

But the down side. I have a small DAC inline between the box and the hifi for when the sound deserves a better airing. I have noticed that on some channels which offer HD, that the sound (via the hifi) is in stereo, whereas it is only in mono on the non-HD channel, and with a much poorer top end!

To my great annoyance, with the new box, all HD channels result in a very loud squawking sound. I think this is a problem with the DAC not being able to cope. The output level on ordinary channels seems less, too, resulting in my 200 Watt per channel (well 100 +100 watt per channel system) having to be set at 3 o'clock on the volume dial, instead of 12 o'clock

In the digital age, are we too quick to call new things progress?

Fortunately, the radio from the Tivo is still good enough for casual listening, and better than it was, now rivalling the output from my computer.