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Thread: one thing leads to another...

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    Default one thing leads to another...

    On a recent visit to a charidy shop, I came across a few bins of LP's, usual suspects, Val Doomagain, etc. but in one bin I found a real gem, Vaughan Williams' 'Sea Symphony' (Decca Orange label). In the same bin, a Decca release of Gregorian Chants, gatefold but only a single record, 1.

    I took the GC record to the checkout, and mentioned that the VW was very collectable, but priced at 20. The lady said that it was in fact just 1, and that as I had already bought a record, it was a BOGOF. I ran back to the bin, and bagged it. I gave the lady another quid, for being so helpful.

    When I got it home, I noticed that it said on the shop label '2 records'! But there was only one, and no mention of a second one on the sleeve! So I looked on ebay, and sure enough, it is (or was) a two record set. Pity. So over the coming days I scanned said site, and found a two record set of the original releases, which I bought. I also bought the re-issues (on Ace of Clubs), also a two record set for comparison, and I am continuing to look for the other record to complete my original purchase!

    I've not listened to them, yet, as my record players are being modified, but really looking forward to it!

    Funny how things work out.

    Forgot to mention, all VW Sea Symphony records referred to are by LPO and Choir, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult, and coupled with the Aristophanic 'Wasps' overture.

    Just picked up a package from the PO, and it contained another version of VW's Sea Symphony, same band and conductor but different soloists, this time on EMI and in
    stereo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- stereo!

    I must have ordered this as well, don't remember!
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