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Thread: Got a PT Tarantella up and running with a little bit of Audio Origami magic!

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    Default Got a PT Tarantella up and running with a little bit of Audio Origami magic!

    Hi all,

    First post here I think. Late September I picked up a Pink Triangle Tarantella for a decent price, not too far up the road from me. It was fundamentally in good condition, but needed a bit of gentle restoration. Over the course of a couple of months I took apart and fixed the sticky buttons on the 'Hornet' speed controller, polished up the brass parts, cleaned out the bearing well, and replaced the pink LEDs.

    The surface mount 400 ohm, surface mount, current limiting resistor had toasted its bit of PCB so I replaced it with a 1/4 watt carbon resistor.
    Once that was all done, I waited for the next pay day... got the car fixed up, and waited for the next next pay day! Anyway, last week I got in contact with J7, and sent him the RB 300 and Ortofon Samba MC it came kitted with. He checked over the Samba and another cartridge I sent him, determined they were fine, then checked over the RB300. We decided that a Cardas internal rewire and a nice new external wire would suit my needs, and early this week I received the arm etc. back again.

    I had to wait until today to fit everything together, but I had refilled the bearing with some of J7's special booster oil earlier in the week and allowed it to settle. Today I fitted the arm and cartridge. J7 had left a decent length of wire handing out of the arm, so the tags were easy to connect (very nice tags, just the basic gold-plated ones, but they slid on the pins smoothly and securely. Johnnie had remembered to loosen off the counterweight stub, because I want to try a Technoweight some time, but for now I just fitted the standard tungsten weight. I had to trim the speed back a bit - super slippy oil I suspect! but finally I got a chance for a listen. Wooo! I have not heard a 'normal' RB 300 sounding so lively and involving for a long time if ever!

    Big thanks to J7 for sorting this arm so quickly; the external wire is flexible enough not to interfere with the suspension, the REAN plugs and gold-plated earth spade are classy touches, and his work is fantastic value for money. Early Christmas for me, I have got to say!



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